Refining Mask Proactiv Review

Proactiv has been the biggest acne “skin care” product company in the market but are there products really as effective as the stars claim on commercials? Proactiv is a company that thrives of the product sales to people who want to get rid of their acne and have clear skin. I was once one of those people so desperately looking for the clear skin that I once had. The only problem I have with proactiv is that their products contain many harmful ingredients in them that are not only very harsh on skin but they also cause health problems as well.

One ingredient that the proactiv product line contains is benzoyl peroxide. Many people who I share this information with may deny it and get offended like proactiv was their creation so please don’t take it personally, this has just been my opinion and research and what I have found so please just listen to what I have to say and then do your own further research to be smart about it. I started researching acne products and cures quite a few years ago when I had acne because I wanted to get rid of acne safely from home and didn’t want to have any side effects like my brother and mother faced because of accutane.

The reason I started researching how to cure acne is because my brother was born with a birth defect because of a new “acne cure” drug that my mom took when she was a teenager. The drug she took was called accutane and I don’t recommend that anyone take’s it or anything like it or as a matter of fact any pharmaceutical drugs at all. Because of it’s harmful effects that it can have both on you and even your kids. I don’t recommend that anyone take pharmaceutical drugs personally because they are not natural and your body reacts to them which will most likely cause more health problems. Drug companies love this though because their business plan is to get you on one drug, which has side effects that now causes you to get on another drug and this chain of product sales can go on and on. The only way to truly cure a health problem is to find the root cause of the problem and heal that internally with some type of nutritional and healing support.

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So I personally do not recommend proactiv or any of their product line simply because they contain benzoyl peroxide. I researched benzoyl peroxide and found that it was linked to cancer in studies with rats, mice, hamsters and even more! I was shocked when I found this because this is in proactiv along with other acne treatments as well. For this reason alone you should stay away from proactiv.

Proactiv also contains other ingredients which are not natural and may interfere with healthy cellular function in the body. One big myth is that because you are putting something on your skin doesn’t mean that it is getting in your blood stream. This is the furthest thing from the truth. When you put something on your skin it get’s in your pores and will get in your blood stream and into the rest of your body. This can cause further health problems now or down the road. A lot of pharmaceutical drugs will cause problems in organs like the liver or colon because they are trying to flush out of your body but they cannot due to the way they were created.

You can learn more about curing your acne from home safely and use the exact system that I used to cure my acne from home after years of research and hundreds of dollars spent at the website below!

have a great day!

David “The Skin” King

To Discover The Exact Step-by-Step Acne Treatment System That I Used To Cure My Acne Go To: Refining Mask , and How To Use Proactiv Refining Mask

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches  sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss4 sephora Lips Categories

The Sephora Hello Kitty Collection is limited edition and exclusive to Sephora online. Sweet Gloss is a sheer, moisturizing lip gloss in a chic Hello Kitty container. With nine shades to choose from, you can choose your color by preference, with plenty of variety. We once again see the Hello Kitty packaging, with Hello Kitty’s head adorning each lipstick container. To see full photographs and swatches of “Pink Bow,”

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss10 sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss9 sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss7 sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss8 sephora Lips Categories

Sweet Gloss is encased in a “Hello Kitty” container that has her signature, and her head all over it. It’s very cute, as is the packaging in this entire collection.

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss41 sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss5 sephora Lips Categories

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss6 sephora Lips Categories

Pink Bow is a sheer light cool pink. It is a bit lighter than the inside of a watermelon, but darker than bubblegum pink. It falls somewhere in between, and the color looks absolutely delectable, especially once you get a whiff of it. With real fruit extracts in it, this gloss is very sweet, as its name suggests.

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss3 sephora Lips Categories

Pink Bow is sheer, as all the Sweet Glosses are in this collection, and it puts down sheer, shimmering pink color. The formula feels silky smooth like it is half lip balm, half lip gloss. The actual gloss is incredibly moisturizing, and makes my lips feel like butter!

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss2 sephora Lips Categories

(in natural light)

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss sephora Lips Categories

(with flash)

The color payoff is just enough…not over the top, and not completely sheer and invisible either.

Bottom Line: Sweet Gloss gives you a gorgeous sheer glossy look to your lips, and with nine shades to choose from, there is something for everyone. The lipstick container will incite many “WANT” lists from Hello Kitty lovers.

Lookbook: Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, Sweet Gloss in “Pink Bow” Swatches Gloss42 sephora Lips Categories

The Sephora Hello Kitty Collection is limited edition, and sold exclusively online at Sephora. Sweet Gloss retails for $16, and can be purchased by clicking this link . Be sure to browse the other eight beautiful shades…I am considering going back for a couple more shades myself!

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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review and Swatches

After hearing lots of good things about NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, I finally got my hands on some.NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
These over-sized pencils are about the same size as NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and can double as eyeliner and eyeshadow. They come in a huge selection of 28 shades with shimmery and matte finishes. Colors range from your regular black and brown to bright yellow, electric blue and hot pink to pastel green, soft lavender and white.JEP617 Iced Mocha is a shimmery warm taupe.
JEP612 Gold is a shimmery copper.
JEP605 …

Why Master Cleanse Did Not Work For Ashanti?

Ever wonder why weight loss diets have been prevalent these days? Have you ever tried searching for reasons why weight down programs and low-calories snacks have gained huge following of the most applauded celebrities in this sphere of existence? Aside from the health risks, social acceptance plays a leading role in this present day scenario. Media has grounded the fact that a celebrity is adorable and to-die-for if he or she struts s beautiful body– which is equivalent to tiny limbs and waistlines. A little flab on the side will surely entice cameras and paparazzis to take some snaps. And the next thing they now, it is in the front cover of a showbiz or lifestyle magazine. This is the social disadvanatage of gaining weight beyond the Hollywood standard.

With this streroetype, various diets, regimes and scientific eating habits and mea planes gained phenomenal Hollywood following. Diet pills, therapeutic exercises and activities have set everyone in complete daze. Among these famed diets is the Master Cleanse Diet. This particular diet was tried out by countless famous actors and music icons like Ashanti. But, why does this celebrated all-natural liquid diet did not work for Ashanti?

Prevalence and sudden increase in popularity of weight loss diets and food supplemets has become inevitable. One of the most talked about habits or program is the Master Cleanse diet which is currently being tried by RNB superstar and music mogul Jay-Z’s better half, Beyonce Knowles. Another famous in the music arena who has tried this regimen is Ashanti.

However, for this young icon, Master Cleanse deemed as a failure. Why?

Master Cleanse is not a weight loss technique. When it was developed and promoted in the 1940’s, Master Cleanse prime purpose is to detoxify the bidy systems from harmful toxins and bacteria that cause diseases like ulcers and some cancers. Weight loss was not even mentioned in its original portfolio. However, because of its flushing principle, some people have made to believe that Master Cleanse is a certified technique that promotes elemination of unwanted fats.

* Like any other diets, once you stop practicing principles of Master Cleanse, expect that your body will readily gain the weight lost within the duration of the program. The link between this diet and losing weight is the relatively and perhaps dangerously low amount of calories. For this reason, Master Cleanse may also be tagged as fad or crash diet.

Lastly, Master Cleanse, because it is a very low-calcium diet may cause rapid and abrupt loss of weight. Not only it is calcium-deficient, but also has very minimal vitamins and minerals content. With these things, various manifestations or even discomforts may be felt: headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Celebrities are always hard pressed each time and has seemingly unlimited work. This kind of lifestyle may not sit well with Master Cleanse.

If you are thinking about having a great health and lose weight, you can try Master Cleanse for a better heath, you can also visit Emma Deangela’s site on Master Cleanse for your body needs.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Cool as a Cucumber, $3. It’s one of six palettes in the Color Icon Trio collection, and each comes with coordinating shades for the brow bone, crease and eyelid.

Have you tried any of these? What do you think?

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Real or Fake? Nike’s “My Butt Is Big” Ad …

mission 24: lift
Real or Fake? Nike’s “My Butt Is Big” Ad … 3329520093 83c328f906

Image by greenkozi

Real or Fake? Nike’s “My Butt Is Big” Ad …
Would you buy a pair of sneakers based off of this ad? A few weeks ago, a new Nike ad featuring the caption “My Butt Is Big”had the internet buzzing. The campaign featured a model with a “round like the letter c” butt wearing a pair of Nike’s new butt-toning sneakers. My first thought when [...]
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No copycat surgery for ailing Demi Moore fan
The story was upsetting and heart-wrenching: After British model Lisa Connell was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she decided to spend ,000 on plastic surgery so that when she died she would look like actress Demi Moore. That tale was…
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Facial Plastic Surgery – Henry Spinelli, M.D., Renowned New York Plastic Surgeon Works Wonders On Bronx Boy With Neurofibromatosis

March 16, 2004 – Fourteen years David Lazano the Bronx, New York, has made steady progress after recent surgery to transform their lives for the removal of a disfiguring tumor on the right side of his head and, facial plastic surgery, the realignment of the right ear, the first intervention, was horizontal and located at the top of his jaw. David suffers from the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis (NF), also called Elephant Man's disease. David, who is in eighth grade at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx, was treated with medical therapy at New York Presbyterian Hospital and was presented to the nationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr.

Henry Spinelli, MD, David's mother, facial plastic surgery, Haydee, facial plastic surgery, Texidor said after a recent operation in the month of David February, Dr. Spinelli has worked wonders on my son. It 'amazing that the appearance of David now has changed dramatically and equally important for his personality has changed well.When I met David, Dr. Spinelli said he did not speak, smile or laugh, and he could not look at me or my colleagues in the eye. I saw a young man who was deeply troubled.

His mother explained that he was conscious at school and felt like his peers have been ostracized. I heard that David was becoming a pariah. His head and face were distorted by the right plexiform tumors, a feature of his illness. His right ear was almost horizontal and the jaw and his lower eyelid was pulled down, facial plastic surgery, and away from his eyes. From a medical point of view the location of the tumor presents problems for surgical removal. Regions of the head and face, and the extent of his illness, including the vital nerves and blood vessels are important for its function, including those that control facial movements.

Damage to these structures could lead to permanent facial paralysis, including the inability to close and protect the eyes or the loss of movement of the lips drooling and inability to, facial plastic surgery, smile.It was clear that David's family had the financial resources limited, facial plastic surgery, and since his health was so dramatic and unbearable, facial plastic surgery, for him, "said Dr. Spinelli, I have chosen to donate my services entirely, facial plastic surgery, .

We David did in early February at Cornell with the help of anesthesiologists, nurses and craniofacial my team, "said Dr. Spinelli. I was very pleased with the surgery. David recovered in the pediatric intensive care and was sent home after only two operational tours days.On David first post about a week after his procedure, it was clear that he had hit a homerun!, Said Dr. Spinelli. Both movements and facial appearance were greatly improved. More noteworthy, David welcomed everyone in the office with a smile and looked at all the eyes during conversation.

She looked in the mirror and said he liked "the way it looked. We plan to perform another surgery in the near future to better define and fix his ear was enlarged and deformed by the disease, said Dr. Spinelli . Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disease that causes tumors to grow all along the nerves of a person's, facial plastic surgery, body. It affects 100,000 Americans and is, facial plastic surgery, more common than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Tay-Sachs and Huntington's disease combined.

David is very pleased with the results of surgery and said I want to become a doctor, facial plastic surgery, . I want to be able to change people's lives the way that Dr. Spinelli has changed mine.

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