GiGi Creme Wax Hair Remover

If you want to remove the hair easily and to look great, then cream hair remover is the best way. Some cream hair removers may change the color of the skin. Hence, it is essential to take care before selecting a hair remover. GiGi Creme wax hair remover is a smooth cream that removes hair gently. It has effective conditioners and so it leaves the skin smooth and silky. It melts at medium temperatures. Using GiGi wax hair remover is the easiest way to remove hair effectively.

The product has innovative formula and so you need to apply only a thinner film of the cream. It has better adhesion to hair sets. It never causes irritation or itching. It is recommended for sensitive skin also.

GiGi hair remover is one among the top hair remover brands available in the market. The cream allows you remove unwanted hair effectively at home. You need not require a professional help now to remove hair. Another advantage of the product is that it does not cause pain while removing the hair. It removes smoothly and leaves the skin silky.

The wax in this creme wax hair remover melts easily at low temperatures. Hence, it is possible to remove hair quickly. It is not essential to have any special skills to use the cream. Anyone can use the product after reading the instructions provided with the kit. It is advisable to use the product with GiGi warmer for better results.

GiGi creme honey wax hair remover has unique formula to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Number of women all over the world trusts it. Since, it removes the hair at the root and beneath the skin surface; it makes the skin hair free and smooth. It delays the growth of hair also.

The product is enriched with essential fatty acids that leave the skin soft and supple. It preserves the moisture of the skin while removing the hair. Hence, it leaves the skin less irritated after waxing.

This creme wax hair remover is specially designed to remove facial hairs. GiGi wax facial is recommended to be used in sensitive areas like upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, and hairline. It is extremely gentle and does not harm such sensitive areas. However, you need to take care of eyes and mouth while applying wax in those areas. If the cream enters eyes, wash it thoroughly and then consult your physician. GiGi Soy creme wax hair remover is the innovative product in beauty industry. It does not cause redness in the skin after waxing. It has special moisturizing feature that hydrates the skin well. The benefit of this hair remover is invariably seen on all skin types and leaves it smooth. It has effective anti oxidants that protects the skin. It does not have any heavy aroma and so it is a pleasure to use the product. It removes unwanted hair gently and promotes the health of the skin. It conditions the skin and makes it silky..


NARS Albatross Lipgloss Comes in for a Landing Soon

NARS Albatross Lipgloss Comes in for a Landing Soon nars albatross gloss k

NARS Albatross Lipgloss ($24), one of five new limited edition shades inspired by a different iconic NARS blush of the same name, comes in for a landing at Sephora stores and on July 29. The color’s designed to enhance the natural beauty of lips with a hint of soft, sheer golden shine.

NARS Albatross Lipgloss Comes in for a Landing Soon nars albatross swatch
Read the rest of NARS Albatross Lipgloss Comes in for a Landing Soon (53 words)

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Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser Review

My sister came to visit the family during the holiday and left behind Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser.  I’m a huge fan of Aveeno products.  In fact, Aveeno’s Daily Lotion is a household staple.  As a beauty blogger, I like to try out different products and gave Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser a try!

Product Details

This gentle, soap-free, creamy cleanser with skin conditioners lifts away dirt, oil and make-up while moisturizing dry and sensitive skin.   With an extract of Feverfew, a natural ingredient related to chamomile known for its soothing properties, your sensitive skin will look and feel its healthy best.

Approx. Price: $6
Where to Purchase? Mass market retailers

The Bottom Line

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser is a disappointment!  The directions on the bottle read to massage into skin for 30 seconds before rinsing off for a good cleaning.  Yes, it does clean, but Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser is actually pretty drying for a cream based cleanser.  Is it gentle? Nope.  Did it remove makeup? Nope (most face washes don’t).  Did it moisturize my dry skin? Nope.  After multiple uses, my skin was left feeling tight, stripped and dry!

Maybe there is a reason why my sister left this face wash behind!

Loving Lanvin’s Well Heeled Strap Sandal!

Loving Lanvin’s Well Heeled Strap Sandal! lanvin wrap sandals skirt platform pair Loving heel
We love everything about Lanvin’s Strap Sandal shoes. The style and design are fabulous.

Too many clunky and heavy versions of this shoe.This is the real deal.The platform sole makes them very comfortable even with the sexy high heel.  Pair with a pencil skirt, short skirt, dress or this season’s ever-so hot pant suit especially in camel!

They’re made of lambskin and feature an adjustable ankle strap, gold toned hardware , covered platform, covered heel and squared toe. Chic, edgy and pricey…but you’re worth it! Click the link to shop: Shoes at

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From Full-House to Fashion House

The Olsen twins are known to never leave the house without their over-sized sunglasses. So the only logical thing to do is to start a sunglass line. The two ladies are designing their contemporary styles for the Elizabeth and James line.

From Full House to Fashion House Olsen twin Sunglasses1

These hip unisex glasses are being manufactured by Hong Kong-based Absolute Black and are preparing to hit the stores in November.

The first collection includes two different styles the Hudson, a sleek yet classic aviator shape and the Fairfax, a trendier cat eye. The big question is how much does a pair of the twin’s glasses go for? Each pair are $185. More styles are geared to launch for spring 2011, with frames around $265 and under.

From Full House to Fashion House olsen twin sunglasses2

Be the first to get these sunglasses, look out for their premier launching in November 2010.
The new eyewear will be available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols among other Elizabeth & James stockiest.

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Plastic Surgery – The Truth About Neck Lifts

If you hear a slight “gobble gobble” noise every time you look in the mirror, your ego may tell you something. You might say: “The time to invest in a place of old platysmaplasty! In simple terms, a transaction is platymaplasty neck lift, a cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin of the neck and neck for a limited history.Yes turkey, men and Turkey neck – even if the invention of the tie, they can hide more easily than women do can.Let is that if you have genes from God, or enjoy two hours of excruciating neck-lifting exercises every day, many of us have the neck starting to fall, fall, and generally less pleasant to look older than we receive.

Some people believe that women with the turkey neck and face were relatively small facial plastic surgery – The sad reality is that our age necked much faster than the rest of us. And yes, men neck and Turkey – although the invention of the tie, can hide more easily than women to have a PlatysmaplastyIf can.All swallowing becomes stronger every day may be time to consider surgery. platysmaplasty While it may seem a macabre, there is a reason – it is! operation in a couple of hours when the neck is narrow and the meat is, plastic surgery , removed surgically , this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, most of the time, and involves at least one night in hospital.

Your surgeon will make small incisions in your hairline, starting from the front and back of the ears, then tighten or shorten the muscles make them appear more tense. He or she may also involve a bit ‘old liposuction to look more chiseled jaw. Some people opt for a facelift and neck combined to obtain a more youthful appearance overall, while others choose a face lift or eye well.Whatever you choose, the payback period is short and you may experience some swelling, bruising and other unpleasant side effects for weeks, during which many people refrain from going to work.

In fact, it can take up six months for a full recovery to take place.However, the vast majority of people who choose an operation to lift the neck are satisfied with the result, although of course vary depending on patient age, the elasticity of skin, etc. rarely serious complications, although surgery involving general anesthesia performed their own risk. To minimize the overall risk, a reputation for shopping and use certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, or the option equivalent.

Taking and quinones a traditional neck lift is a relatively new procedure called while in a nutshell, (chin) scarf. Gore-Tex Made entirely of plastic, is inserted under the skin of the earlobe to earlobe. The nice part is that this is an integration constant, and that the surgeon can tighten, if necessary, to show the narrow neck in a procedure that takes about 20 minutes. While top-ups are relatively easy … An article in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery has given the thumbs up from the sling, saying that 90 percent of patients in the neck for at least three years were happy.

Among those who were not, two suffered infections and two fluids necessary to drain the area. The vast majority also said that the procedure recommended by a friend. No matter of days without words, then! Alternatives to SurgeryIf you want to get rid of your turkey neck without going under the knife, try these alternatives …* homeopathy ” natural sculpture System “promises to be a natural alternative to liposuction, and promises to remove the packages of turkey in a few treatments. A gel and lotion are specially invented applied to a fabric specially designed, then wrapped around the specific area.

Voila – no more than a mouthful to swallow – or if the producers say …* Although most plastic surgeons would say that having a turkey neck is usually to genetics, some people swear that specific exercises can keep this old piece of chicken with the bay. Try “guerning” regularly in the mirror, gargle with mouthwash for a minute or more, at least twice a day, and

Tips From Benefit’s Maggie & Annie

Tips From Benefit’s Maggie & Annie SceneQueen SundayFunday Composite Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson, the gorgeous daughters of Benefit co-founder Jean Ford, are the brand’s new makeup trend artists. They’re also the and the proud creators of their own eponymous palettes, each packed with eyeshadow and complexion essentials that represent themselves: Maggie, based in San Francisco, loves Sunday Funday with her gal pals , while NYC-based Annie lives for the nightlife . Right now, these are only available online for Beauty Insiders, so sign up now to buy your favorite palette. Here, the gals have offered their favorite tips and tricks for getting the best looks from each of their palettes.

Maggie’s Tips – Sunday Funday

· I chose these specific four shadows because I think they all work together, or stand on their own individually. For a natural look, sweep either of the lighter two shades (light champagne and pink satin) across the lids. For a more dramatic look, layer on the brown in the crease and use the plum as a liner.

· I love Hoola. In a pinch, you can also smudge some of the Hoola on your lids as eyeshadow!

· Layering the Benetint under the rosy pink gloss gives it a deeper hue, adding more sophistication for nighttime.

Annie’s Tips – Scene Queen

· The four shadow shades that I chose are great for creating different eye looks. You can do a subtle eye with the beige and misty blue shades, or you can really glam it up with a dramatic navy-gray smoky eye.

· It was really important for me to add High Beam in my kit, because it gives a brilliant and glowing look to your complexion. I love to pat a little of it on the center of my eye lids and in the middle of my lips. This makes your eyes look big and round, and your lips more plump.

· If you find yourself with just a gloss in your bag, don’t panic! This gloss is the perfect shade to wear on your lips and blend on cheeks. It has gold pearl mixed with beautiful juicy coral that will bring your complexion back to life. Tips From Benefit’s Maggie & Annie 962483698086939179 3163975126727798255?l=blog.sephora

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