Ralph Lauren Holds Charity Shopping Event… Prada’s Royal Flush…

A lunch for Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony breast cancer charity draws Emily Oppenheimer, Lola Figueras and Annouchka Staveley in London.

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My Rhinoplasty with Mr Basim Matti on 25/01/2010.

What Is Natural Rosehip Oil?

If you want to find a completely natural product that is suitable for fading stretch marks and reducing the appearance of skin imperfections then natural rosehip oil is the perfect choice. It is used by people all around the world as part of their daily skin routine to treat problems such as rosacea and dry skin to fading scars. Natural rosehip oil originates in the Chilean Andes and is from the pressed rosehips of a wild rose called Rosa Affines Rubiginosa.

One of the reasons why rosehip oil is so good for repairing damaged skin tissue, is because it contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. In fact, natural rosehip oil contains very high levels of Omega 6, which is also referred to as Gamma Linoleic Acid.

This Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) helps the body to make compounds that repair damaged skin. These compounds also help to keep skin feeling soft too. As a vegetable oil, natural rosehip oil is unique, because it contains Trans Retinoic Acid – a derivative of Vitamin A that is good for keeping skin in tip top condition.

For people that want to look after their skin and avoid harsh chemicals, it’s important that you look at the ingredients of the skin care products you use. Natural products such as natural rosehip oil are ideal for sensitive skin types and many brands do not add any extra additives or chemicals to the pure oil. In fact, some brands do not even add perfume.

Natural rosehip oil is such a versatile product and people all over the world use it for a number of varying reasons. Dry skin, rosacea, signs of ageing, scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections can all be helped with the regular application of rosehip oil, 2-3 times per day. In an age where we spend a fortune on anti-ageing remedies, it’s comforting to know that Mother Nature has already come up with a solution.

Want to find out more about Natural Rosehip Oil, then visit Rio Rosa Mosqueta’s blog about Natural Rosehip Oil and it’s benefits.

Black 15-in-1: The Quick Fix-It To Any Bad Hair Day?

Black 15 in 1: The Quick Fix It To Any Bad Hair Day? 022111 black Hairstyling hairstyle

Even if your hair can be considered relatively manageable compared to your friends’ more troublesome tresses, you probably still find your countertop cluttered with an array of products designed to target any minuscule hair woes that a bad hair day might bring about. Frizziness, breakage, split ends, sun damage, dullness, dryness, the list goes on — it’s hard (if not impossible) to find a product that does triple or double duty and actually does everything it claims to on the label. Enter Black 15-in-1 Miracle Hair Treatment, a spray-in serum that claims to tame all kinds of hair, from coarse and curly to limp and fine. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, voluminous blow-dry, the perfectly sleek flat-ironed look, or just want the ability to wear your hair natural without looking like a frizzball once and for all, Black 15-in-1 claims to be the answer to any and all of your hair troubles, eliminating the need for a whole drugstore’s worth of separate products. It makes quite the bold statement (15 bold statements to be exact), so as a girl who has always longed to find the perfect product that will let me go au natural without scaring passers-by, I’m dying to try it! With huge celebrity fans like Jessica Stroup, Ashlee Simpson, and Vanessa Minnillo, I’m curious to see if this so-called miracle worker really has all 15 tricks up its sleeve!

A Thermicon Revolution?

Most people think of lasers when the subject of hair removal at home is discussed. This is to be expected as the most popular at home hair remover kits to date have been devices such as the Tria and Silk’n.

Nevertheless, despite the amount of people who have found success with these devices there are big downsides to laser treatment. Laser based hair removal methods are not the answer to everyone’s hair removal problems. Above all, only a proportion of people can actually use lasers safely as those with darker skin coloration or a deep tan are at risk from burns.

But all is not lost as a new dawn may have just commenced for home hair removal which opens up easy home based hair removal treatment for everyone regardless of their skin or hair type. If you are someone who has been cut off from laser hair removal, you need no longer have to max out your credit card for professional specialized light laser sessions since a new type of technology is currently rocking the foundations of the hair removal industry.

The recently redesigned NO NO Hair Removal System uses a form of treatment known as The Thermicon Effect. This basically operates just like laser treatment but with one major exception. Instead of using light to destroy the hair, Thermicon removes the hair by heating it up and if some of the NO NO Hair Removal Reviews you can turn over on the countless message boards are to be trusted, this approach is finding consumers who had never had any success with hair remover devices until they discovered the NO NO.

Rather than attacking the melanin contained within the hair, Thermicon damages the hair follicle as a whole and this means there is no chance of burning your skin. As you run the NO NO over your skin, gentle pulses of heat are sent down down the hair shaft and prevents regrowth at the base of the follicle.

Numerous NO NO Hair Removal Reviews offer a detailed report on the way Thermicon operates and many also provide top notch testimonials as to the success of the NO NO device itself. It is a sign of how effective Thermicon is that the NO NO is selling like hot cakes and is also proving very popular in amongst hair removal experts and consumers alike. Because of this, there is a lot of chatter that the same technology may be rolled out to in home hair remover devices which guarantee that your body hair will be removed permanently.

If these soundlings are true then for the first time, quick and pain free long lasting hair removal will be on offer to all. currently this is all just internet talk but if it does happen, then body hair problems will be something you no longer need to worry about. The hair removal industry is famously sluggish to respond to new technological developments, but Thermicon is at the moment pushing its case with force so hopefully its hard work will finally reap some rewards.

CustomEyes Your Look With Revlon!

Trends and moods change daily, even hourly sometimes, and so should make up!  Revlon introduces a new line of eyeshadow, liner and mascara that will do just that!  CustomEyes mascara, shadows and liners let you go from simple and classic to bold and playful, simply depending on your mood.

Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman has designed six unique palettes of eye shadows and matching liners in a array of rich shades and finishes that can be combined to create a variety of endless combinations – simple and classic or something more bold and playful – to match every woman’s personality.

Revlon CustomEyes Collection includes:

•    Six expertly coordinated palettes each containing four eye shadows and one built-in powder eyeliner offering great versatility and convenience to achieve any eye look

•    Shades (6 palettes): Metallic Chic, Naturally Glamorous, Party Pops, Rich Temptations, Smoky Sexy and Sweet Innocence

•    Revlon CustomEyes mascara

Approx. Price: $8.99
Where to Purchase? Mass market retailers

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CutsomEyes Shadow & Liner:

  • Provides a complete, coordinated eye look in one product
  • Each palette includes a ‘how to’ guide on the back of packaging to show how to best use the CustomEyes Shadow & Liner in your favorite shade
  • Encourages you to express your individual style, offering looks for any mood, personality or occasion
  • Six expertly coordinated palettes each containing four eye shadows and one built-in powder eyeliner offering great versatility and convenience to achieve any eye look

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara has an adjustable bristle brush that allows you to create your own lash look – whether it be for length and definition or length and drama.

Study Finds Some Skin Lightening Creams Cause Kidney Problem

Skin bleaching products are supposed to be good for your skin. But according to a recent investigation published in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, certain skin lightening lotions  could cause a variety of problems for various organs, especially your kidneys.

The Tribune did an independent investigation of 50 skin bleaching products  and found that they contained what the newspaper called “toxic” levels of mercury. The results were published in a recent edition .

The products are designed to be used for lightening freckles and age spots.

Mercury can be dangerous because it can cause big trouble for several organs including the heart, lungs, and brain. Kidney problems , possibly leading to kidney failure , is among the biggest threats .

High levels of mercury can enter the body after being spread on the skin. The level of danger varies according to an individual’s body weight and a number of other factors. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers more than one gram of mercury per kilogram (2.2 pounds) to be excessive.  Doses that exceed the maximum limit can cause life-threatening disorders. Small doses can build up over time, creating long term problems .

Mercury can cause eye problems , blurred vision and trouble walking. It can compromise, and in certain cases, result in death. Mercury can be especially dangerous for the unborn babies of pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

Mercury has been illegal for use in skin lightening products since 1990 when it was banned by the Food and Drug Administration. The Tribune’s investigation discovered that products are readily available nonetheless. The FDA told the Tribune that it has a staff of less than 500 inspectors who can review imported product information, making it possible for some products to avoid testing .

Approximately 50 skin cream samples were sent to to an independent lab for testing. Six contained levels of mercury that were highre than legal limits in the United States. Five of the six  had levels of 6,000 parts per million of mercury, which is high enough to cause kidney problems .

The products came to the U.S. from Lebanon, China, India, Pakistan and Taiwan

One Chicago dermatologist, Dr. Jonith Breadon, said he was “shocked and speechless” that products with such high mercury content in them are so readily available.

Stores which had the products on their shelves and promised to remove them. Two companies that were distributing the products say they will discontinue them.

Skin lighteners have become extremely popular in the United States in recent years. Sales have been high among Asian, Hispanic and African-American ethnic groups. Sales are expected to go above 75 million annually by 2015.

Among the other skin lightening products tested by the Tribune, the highest amounts  of mercury were found in a product called Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream. Other products identified by the Tribune  were Top-Gel MCA Extra Pearl Cream, Creme Diana CTR, Ling Ji Su, Lulanjina, and Shabright Clear and Bright Skin Formula.

A number of popular skin lightening creams tested by the Tribune contained no mercury at all.

Several doctors who talked to theTribune said that anyone who wants a safe skin lightening cream can get one by prescription. They also stressed that such creams be used only for lightening spots and freckles, not for bleaching skin that is naturally dark. 

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