Retro Snap: Salvador and Gala Dali

Retro Snap: Salvador and Gala Dali salvadorandgala Snap retro Salvador and Gala Dali in 1964

Dr. Anil K. Gandhi – Wildwood Surgical Group Your Beauty Revealed, Cerritos Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, he began his residency in the United States in 1971, After completing his surgical residence in 1977, he has continued practicing in the Latino Communities throughout Los Angeles. Dr. Gandhis service to many throughout his career has allowed him to bring valuable experience and unique insight into the field of cosmetic surgery . Dr. Gandhi derives no greater pleasure than helping patient restore and rejuvenate themselves. for more information please visit

Hylunia Skin Care – preferred by doctors

Listen in as Meena Nerurkar, MD describes her experience with Hylunia Skin Care, the exclusive skin care line in her wellness and medical spa.

Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet

This weekend, while casually strolling the cosmetic aisles in Target, I came across a New York Color Metro Quartet that I did not own yet, and it was absolutely beautiful. “Chelsea Chic” contains four eyeshadow shades, all exactly reminiscent of Chelsea, New York City, the sophisticated, artsy neighborhood. I made this look really stand out by applying black eyeliner on my upper lash line, and some false eyelashes. To see how to achieve this look,

Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet eyeupclose5 Quartet eyeshadow Eyelid

Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet guide2 Quartet eyeshadow Eyelid
  New York Color “Chelsea Chic” Metro Quartet To achieve this look:

Apply #1 to your inner eye and blend upward. This will give us a gorgeous sparkling pink color that will really pop against the blue lid color.

  • Apply #2 across your entire eyelid, stopping at the crease. Blend out the edges with a fluffy blending brush, and make sure you stop at the crease. Focus fire that color in the middle of your eyelid.
  • Apply #3 from your inner crease to your outer crease using a pencil brush. Use windshield wiper motions, and apply this color across the entire length of your crease, especially focusing on the inner crease so this color pops. Using a fluffy blending brush, blend out this crease color so there are no harsh lines.
  • Apply #4 to the outer one-third of your eye, and pat down. You don’t want this shade to be super dramatic or outdo the shimmering gray crease color, so simply pat this color down on the outer-third of your eye, and blend with your fluffy blending brush. It will add a very subtle smokey look to your eye.
  • Apply #2 to your bottom lash line with the same pencil brush. This will add a gorgeous pop of shimmering blue color, tying in the eyelid color.
  • Line your upper lash line with a black eyeliner. Also apply this eyeliner on your lower water line. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Also, apply a pair of false eyelashes (optional).
  • Viola! Chelsea Chic eyes that are sophisticated sexy.

    Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet eye34 Quartet eyeshadow Eyelid

    Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet eyelash Quartet eyeshadow Eyelid

    Tutorial: Chelsea Chic Eyes, using New York Color Metro Quartet eyes24 Quartet eyeshadow Eyelid

    The New York Color Metro Quartet Palette in “Chelsea Chic” can be found at your local drugstore where New York Color Cosmetics are sold. What I love the most about NYC Cosmetics are the prices – this eyeshadow palette cost me under $5 total!

    Scleroderma Patient Experiences

    A short film documenting the experiences of several patients undergoing experimental treatment for scleroderma. Physician interviews providing Information on the SCOT study and advances in research to treat and understand scleroderma provided.

    Hip bath – sitz bath and method of health benefits

    Sitz baths are very useful in stimulating the stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and other digestive organs, and in maintaining their effectiveness.

    equipment for the Hip Bath – you must see especially for sitz baths. The tank is oval shaped and one end is it true that the patient is lifted to rest with his back against him. It is ideal to take bath for a sitz bath. Typically, the bath for a sitz bath should be about 30 inches (75 cm) long and 20-22 cm (50 cm) wide.

    Procedures for small bath –

    First fill the bathtub with warm water. The value of water should be adjusted so that it touches the navel when you sit down. 2nd Drink a glass of warm water and sit in the tub. Your feet will be third on the outside of the tank and the abdomen and part of the femur immersed in water. You can easily against the back of increasing our participation in the bath and stay in this half-back. Take the fourth coarse towel and rub the belly of right to left. Do it gently to the skin is not scratched. Do not use too much pressure to rub.

    A bath seat can be read in 10-20 minutes. thin people should be 10 minutes and the fat may continue to exercise for 20 minutes. During winter, the bath life of the hip should be reduced by about 25 percent.

    This should begin with the sitz bath for a minute or two, the time should be increased gradually to 10 or 20 minutes, be taken as indicated above.

    A sitz bath should always be taken on an empty stomach. No food should be taken for half an hour after a bath. You can take a bath, a few hours after the hip bath and not before.

    Warm sitz bath water when suffering from abdominal pain, menstrual disorders or premature menopause recommended. While the revenue should be moistened a hot water bath seat, a towel with cold water are placed on the scalp.

    Warning: This article is not intended to advise the health and general information purposes only. Always seek the insight of a qualified health professional before a health program.

    CoverGirl Lashblast Promo at Costco!

    Attention frugal beauties, Costco is selling CoverGirl Lashblast in a three pack! And do you know what’s even better? There’s a Costco coupon for this item this month!  After the discount, each mascara comes out to $3.58 each!

    Costco Price:

     $14.49 for a three pack ($4.83 each)
    - $3.75 (coupon discount)
    $10.74 for a three pack ($3.58 each!)

    Just wanted to give you all the heads up! Enjoy! =)

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