Inspired Look Tutorial Preview: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Music Video Makeup

Inspired Look Tutorial Preview: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Music Video Makeup  Type Tutorials Lookbook

Inspired Look Tutorial Preview: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Music Video Makeup preview Type Tutorials Lookbook

Jennifer Lopez’s new music video for “I’m Into You,” shows off how fantastically gorgeous her skin and facial features are. In terms of makeup and hair, it is a beauty lovers heaven for inspiration. In the scenes where she is on the beach with the guy, she has on this beautifully sheer, glowing makeup with a chocolate smokey eye, highlighted cheekbones, and peachy pink lips. I actually filmed this entire tutorial today, and when I went back to edit, I saw my lighting needed some major help! I added a clip on lamp to the right side of my face (your left), so that I look fully illuminated in my video’s for now on, and everything is clear and concise. I will rerecord the tutorial for you tomorrow, and upload here, but in the meantime, here is a preview of the gorgeous makeup she has in the video, and my interpretation of it.

See you all tomorrow…thank God it’s (almost) Friday!

Inspired Look Tutorial Preview: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Music Video Makeup preview2 Type Tutorials Lookbook

Subtle chocolate smokey eye

Inspired Look Tutorial Preview: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Music Video Makeup preview3 Type Tutorials Lookbook

Notice the shadow on the right side (your left) from lack of lighting!

The Hottest Hair Styles At The 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival

This year the hottest hair style was a “french twist,” that the likes of Salma Hayek, Helen Mirren, Evangeline Lilly, Cate Blanchette and even Eva Longoria-Parker, were sporting.  Whether it was tight, on top of the head, in the middle of the head or hanging loose, it was a hot, hot, hot, look.

At the 63 Annual Cannes Film Festival, all the celebs showed up dressed to the nines wearing the latest designs by Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, just to name a few.  No star was out shined and the girls all seemed to get the “french twist memo” regarding the look for hair this year!

The Hottest Hair Styles At The 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival deepika padukone Whats Hot In Hair Celebrity Events

Deepika Padukone from “On Tour”

The Hottest Hair Styles At The 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival salma Whats Hot In Hair Celebrity Events

Salma Hayek

The Hottest Hair Styles At The 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival eva at cannes Whats Hot In Hair Celebrity Events

Eva Longoria-Parker

To create a French Twist at home follow these steps:

Comb or brush your hair well. We’re not talking your usual thirty-second job, but the kind of comb-through where you’re getting the snarls out, smoothing it down, and channeling Catherine Deneuve.

Create a loose ponytail with the hair framing your face in a way that you find flattering.  Create a ponytail with some built-in pouf at the top of your head if you like that look better. The way in which you frame your face now will be how it is framed when you’re finished so this step is one you want to get right.

Hold the ponytail with your hands and start twisting. I always twist in a clockwise direction and whether this has to do with the fact that I’m right-handed or not, I have no idea. I twist for approximately two full rotations. You’ll notice the bottom of the ponytail tightening against your head.

Hold your ponytail upright pointing to the sky.

Fold the end of your ponytail down. Basically you are tucking the end of your ponytail into the space between your head and the beginning part of your ponytail.

As you tuck the ends of the ponytail in, you’ll slowly roll your wadded-up ponytail to the left. I grip the seam between my ponytail and my head between my thumb and my four other fingers, and use my thumb to push the hair beneath in while rolling the hair on top in. You will feel the twist tightening against your scalp. Keep pushing and rolling your hair until it feels secure.

Use straight or bobby pins (depending on the thickness of your hair) to hold the hair in place and to separate the line that is created by your French twist.

Once you become practiced with these pins, you’ll find ways to conceal them through good placement, for example by hiding them just beneath the roll.  Just keep practicing.  If it’s not perfect it doesn’t matter.  Some of the sloppy ones look sexier in my opinion!

Trichotillomania – Pulling Out Eyelashes And Hair

Are you bored with attempting to clarify away why you’ve bald spots? Do you wonder why you might be pulling out eyelashes or hair? Here is a few data on this psychological condition.

The urge to drag out your personal hair is called trichotillomania. It normally develops in adolescence and affects more women than men. The hair pulled is often from the scalp, eyelash, eyebrow, or even the pubic area. Some folks will pluck hairs one by one. Others will grab handfuls at one time, leaving giant bald spots. As with many circumstances, some people understand that they behave this way and others merely do not.

The precise reason for the disorder just isn’t known. It is, however, psychological in nature. It’s both an obsessive and compulsive behavior. The urge to pull your hair out by the roots is overwhelming when you find yourself bothered with trichotillomania. Most docs consider it is caused by imbalanced brain chemistry within the patient. If the pulling urge is gratified, will probably be repeated time and again until the act turns into habit. It is sort of a drug that becomes increasingly difficult to resist. Skilled help must be sought.

This isn’t a dysfunction that you can simply resolve to stop someday and never do it again. It’s a organic problem. The treatments can embody behavioral therapy, medicine, or a mixture of both. Remedy will show you how to learn what triggers the urges and how to effectively control them. It may possibly additionally show you how to take care of the strain, embarrassment, and low self -esteem that comes with this condition. There are drugs that help the mind resist urges higher as well. Some also discover that it helps to stay busy with some type of activity when the compulsion strikes.

The act of pulling out eyelashes and hair is a very isolating affliction. It may well affect how you are feeling about yourself and interrupt your social life. Should you suppose you could have this dysfunction, don’t hesitate to find help and recover.

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Things You Can Do To Prevent Birth Defects

Giving birth at home is great for those who want to be comfortable and be in familiar surroundings when they give birth to their baby. It is imperative that parents learn how they can prevent defects caused by the birthing process. This article will teach you the proper way of preparing for a water birthing in your house.

Home birthing will require you to deal with professional midwives instead of doctors. So, in this case, you need to see your midwife on a regular basis and get the proper medical care you should have. A midwife can help you maintain your health and provide you the things you must be doing in order to avoid birth defects.

It is important that you do not just rely on the words of the midwife though. It is important that you know how to eat and live healthy when you are pregnant. It is important that you stay away from drinking alcohol, smoking and eating things that are not healthy so that you will stay healthy and your baby as well.

Make sure that you also have a very low stress environment. You must keep your mind and emotions away from any turmoil and problems that may affect the development of your baby. You have to definitely learn how to manage and control your feelings over things.

Always bear in mind that you have to be extra careful about your health since the baby will get affected with whatever you are going through. Everything that affects you will inadvertently affect your baby in your womb. Think about the life growing inside you always.

These are the simple things that you need to do to prevent birth defects. Doing all these things will help you to be ever ready for your home birth delivery.

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Cirugia Plastica Colombia: Lipectomia, Lipoescultura y Protesis de Senos (testimonio), Este es el testimonio de una paciente del Doctor Carlos Recio (Cirujano Plastico) que vive en New Jersey. Una amiga fue quien le recomendo los servicios del doctor y su experiencia fue 100% positiva. Despues de su segundo embarazo la paciente quedo con una barriga con la cual ella no se sentia bien. El doctor Carlos Recio es un miembro activo de la Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica, Maxilofacial y de la Mano.

L’Occitane Aromachologie Hair Care Collection Review

At this time the reputable L’Occitane is not offering flights to France, but is adding a little taste of French beautication in several additions to its Aromachologie Hair Care Collection:

Shampooing Shampoo

Comprised of artemisia, petit grain, sweet orange, rosemary and palmarosa, Shampooing Shampoo intends to restore volume and shine to dry and damaged hair. This product could not have better timing as the end of beach season nears. However, such a dramatic outcome was unfortunately not my experience, and I was somewhat disappointed with the industrial scent given the emphasis on the “sweet orange and rosemary” in my mind. Nonetheless, as promised by its title, this shampoo does do a decent job of shampooing.

Soothing Concentrated Mask

With a noticeably citric scent, the mask had a much better first impression. What proved most impressive, however, was the bottle’s expert shape, which resulted in absolutely no spillage, not easily accomplished when managing oils and instructions to “massage” whilst standing under a shower of water. Nonetheless, I give a nod to L’Occitane for creating a product making said instructions capable of following. And, like its peers, the mask similarly is made with five essential oils, including chamomile, mandarin, cedar, basil and lemongrass, almost good enough to eat.

Gloss Lissant Smoothing Gloss

As far as I’m concerned, the battle of the frizz has, in my life, long outlasted that of all other wars that have started since my birth. And so enters yet another attempt to combat the frizz-fest that is my head in summertime. Again, the 5 essential oils present, this time in the forms of angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange. A lovely bouquet that apparently also protects against heat damage and breakage. As compared to similar products, Gloss Lissant holds rank alongside frizz-fighting glosses of similar ilk, not quite head and shoulders above, but yes, at least of comparable height.

L’Occitane Aromachologie Hair Care Collection Review L’Occitane Aromachologie Hair Care Collection


The Best Way To Make Your Eyes Look Larger

Having greater eyes can enhance your whole appearances as a result of they’ll show your cleverness. For most ladies, making the eyes looks larger is easy to carry out and they could make it by themselves. The presence of cosmetics will likely be an awesome factor for them as a result of those cosmetics are produced to reinforce the look of women. In making the creation to your eyes, there are some things it’s essential to listen so you will not make any mistake.

That will help you in realizing the details about them, you can check this article out for your needs.

1. Using eyeliner is the very first thing you want to consider. In this kind of utility, you just want to use it outer the rim of your eyelids so you’ll be able to improve your look in an excellent way.
2. You can do some mixing your eyeliner with using a cotton swab. The swab will assist you to in doing the mix of coloration so you can select the best one on your needs.
3. You could keep away from drawing eyeliner on the interior corner of the decrease lid. You possibly can draw at the start of eyelash. After that, you possibly can continue drawing to the middle of the eye.
4. You’re advised to use a light-weight shade of your eye shadow that can provide the most effective accent to open your eyes so you must pay attention about this thing.
5. Also, you’ll want to think about using false eyelashes for giving your eyes bigger accents so you may make them look bigger in an elegant way. In addition to, this kind of utility can assist you in giving innocent look into your appearance so you can also make it actually useful for you.
6. Then, you need to do curling your eyelashes with the curler of eyelash earlier than you employ the mascara. It’s meant to offer you related impact of false eyelashes so it is vital for you to strive it.
7. In regards to the application of mascara, you are suggested to decide on the black shade if the brown color doesn’t be appropriate for you. In this case, you can do some trial if you want to seek out one of the best makeup for you. So, just be careful in choosing the proper mascara to help you in making your eyes look bigger.

After getting the right info above, it’s your flip to use it for your wants so you’ll be able to enhance your look in a good way.

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