Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss b MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Making your own lip gloss, and customizing your own colors is as easy as counting to three! No, really…with only a couple of basic ingredients you can play Mad Scientist in your bathroom with your cosmetics, and customize the perfect shade for yourself. To learn how easy this is,

You will need:

  • Vaseline or any type of Petroleum Jelly
  • Loose Pigment

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss jelly MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly

My personal favorite is Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly, which can be found anywhere natural, organic products are sold. I purchased mine at a Whole Foods, and I love this multi-purpose product. I use it for cuts, to moisturize lips and skin, and for mixing lip gloss.

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss fuchsia4 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

MAC Cosmetics Fuchsia Pigment

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss fuchsia3 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

I will be using MAC Cosmetics “Fuchsia” Pigment, which is a loose pigment in a jar that is usable on the lips, eyes, and cheeks. The fuchsia pigment is perfect for the lips, and a little of these pigments goes a long way!

Step One: Apply a small dot of petroleum jelly to your hand, or to any surface you feel comfortable getting a little messy (a piece of paper works great for easy cleanup):

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss petroleum MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Step One

Step Two: Lightly tap the pigment of your choice on top of the petroleum jelly. You will only need a little bit as most pigments are extremely rich in color. Also, you can adjust how much pigment you use accordingly, making your lip gloss lighter or darker as you wish:

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss fuchsia2 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Step Two

Step Three: Using your finger, or a tool of any kind (even the back of a makeup brush works), mix the petroleum jelly and the pigment together. Viola! Customized lip gloss that will hydrate your lips:

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss fuchsia MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Step Three

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss fuchsiaswatch MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Fuchsia on the lips

The possibilities are endless for mixing pigments with petroleum jelly. Here are some fun tips:

  • Mix unusual pigment shades with petroleum jelly. You may not think to mix a darker or a lighter pigment shade, such as a white or a black, but these can darken or lighten another customized lip gloss shade to your liking.
  • Use any loose pigments you have on hand. Mostly all pigments can be used for this purpose, so go ahead and peruse your cosmetics collection. Everything from MAC to Bare Escentuals pigments can be used for this purpose.
  • Use pigments for their finish. If you have a pigment that has a frosty, shimmery, or glittery finish, you can use these as “topcoats” for your favorite lip gloss shades. An example below shows a Jessie’s Girl pigment being used as a way to make any color instantly shimmery.

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss jessiegirl3 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Jessie's Girl "Angelic" Loose Eyeshadow (available at Rite Aid)

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss jessiegirl2 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Angelic mixed with petroleum jelly

Beauty Encyclopedia Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss jessiegirl MAC Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia

Angelic, on the lips

Have fun mixing and matching various lip gloss colors together to create your own perfect shade. Better yet, feel a sense of pride when someone asks you where you bought that gorgeous lip gloss shade on your lips!

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Dream Control And Lucid Dreaming

When an individual has the ability to be completely aware of himself while dreaming, he is known to be a lucid dreamer. Thus, lucid dreaming entails passing on to the realm of dreams with full consciousness of one’s mind while your body rests, and hence the subject of dream control is interlinked with that of lucid dreaming.

Which starts off as a mere awareness that one is dreaming, in advanced stages involves the power to change them as one desires. Thus, an expert lucid dreamer has absolute dream control where not only does he know that he is in the dream world but also changes and manipulates his dream settings in order to so, see, or feel whatever it is that he desires.

If you are a regular in the field of meditation then this rare phenomenon of lucid dreaming may be brought about, but only in its basics. Advanced lucid dreaming with full dream control can only be achieved with increased meditation, use of special techniques, a lot of focused effort and most of all practice and experience.

The problem faced in case of dream control is that of continuing the lucidity in the first place. One might be successful at minute changes at first, like that of changing the setting or scenes of your dream and the like, but when you want to gain more control and really manipulate your dream, it requires a considerable amount of force. Now, the problem lies in the fact that the more force you apply or the more frustrated and distressed you get over not being able to control you dreams as much as you would like to, you snap out of your dream and wake up.

The first technique for dream control is that of dream spinning. Starting from a situation where you find your dream scenes fading away, or when you really want the entire dream setting to change, or if you are loosing your grip on whatever is happening in your dream, the best way is to stand in one spot and start spinning around. You will be amazed to see that something that you once did as a kid will help you in distressing situations to bring back or restore your dream control anytime that you need it.

Verbal Affirmations or Commands is another effective way to administer dream control. If you feel your dream to be going out of your hand and you are not able to manipulate the change that you want, simply saying it out loud helps a lot. For example, you want to grow four hands but are not able to, just say it out loud. Think of it in your head and just say that you need four hands.

The third dream control technique lies in being creative. Suppose you are not being able to make a certain change in your dream, say the appearance of a person. Now, without getting frustrated, if you just be a bit creative, like say telephoning the person, you might just see him appearing in front of you out of nowhere.

Another suggestion in case of dream control would be to do a reality check whenever you wake up since it may so happen that you have woken up within your dream and not in reality. These false awakenings are one of the hindrance factors that sometimes creep up in dream control.

It can be concluded that success in dream control is all about being focused and comes with continuous practice. Having the right attitude and constantly believing that you are in control is crucial. Moreover, never get worked up or distressed and always remember that the techniques above will get you out of anything. If you have this right attitude, sincerely practice and indulge yourself into mind control exercises such as meditation, dream control would come as naturally as hand control to you.

Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review

Brazilian Glycolic Peel

I would never have tried a chemical peel if it wasn’t for my otherwise pretty good skin being in a bad state for the past few months. The winter started the dry cycle and my skin hasn’t been the same again. I just want it to go back to being normal. So in my desperate attempt I tried the Glycolic peel only because I read a million or so online reviews that said this was a very safe at home peel. So in the name of beauty blogging I gave it a try and have lived another day to tell the story…

Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review 4743265019 ed572435d7 b
The Story Of How Glycolic Peels Work

When it comes to glycolic peels, timing is everything—a truly effective glycolic facial treatment requires a perfectly timed neutralizer step to deactivate the potent active ingredient. Because many women don’t know how to navigate this delicate process, they leave the treatment to the experts or risk irritation, redness and sensitivity from peeling incorrectly at home.

Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review 4743902768 ec36c8df7e How This Brazilian Glycolic Peel Works

In this Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives, the two-step process is combined and simplified into a one time process. The active ingredients and neutralizer are combined in pre-measured, equal amounts to act on skin until the time-released neutralizer automatically deactivates the glycolic acid within 10 minutes. The peel and neutralizer are housed in two separate chambers, preserving the purity and potency of the ingredients until you dispense the two formulas simultaneously from the patented syringe-like packaging. Because the single-step process controls the pH of the glycolic acid during the 10-minute treatment time, there’s no tradeoff between potency and safety.

My Experience

Everything sounded safe so I proceeded with the treatment. Still with caution.

You take the syringe and empty it into the palm of your hand. You’ll see two blobs – one neutralizer and the other is the peel. Now using two fingers mix them together and you’ll feel the peel warming up. Act fairly quickly and spread it all over your face and neck like you would with any other peel. Set the time to 10 minutes and wait.

Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review 4743265867 d90d782d37 Up until 8 minutes I didn’t feel anything. It was just like I had a simple serum on my face. At the end of 8 minutes I felt a slight tingle. Even my Clinique masks tingle a more than this one did. Its a very very small tingle. Then at 10 minutes I washed it off with water.


Given that it was a glycolic and so much is written about all that it can do – I had extremely high expectations once I decided to go for it. I’d say it did very well considering all I wanted it to do. I felt the softness return back to my face after so many months of bad texture. This I am most thankful for. Plenty of my dry spots got exfoliated out. There was a marked difference in the brightness of my face. No redness, no irritation or any other issues.

This is a once a week for four weeks treatment and I feel positive that at the end of four weeks I will have a lot more benefits from this peel.

From the clinical results I learnt that this is an excellent treatment for folks with oily skin. Though I have dry skin i am going to go ahead with it because I can use the exfoliation. I am not doing any other exfoliating during the week. Just regular moisturizing. Will get back to you at the end of four weeks with my overall result !Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review 5134888569806783678 903595615068133088?l=anindiansmakeupmusings.blogspot

DALiia- The Original Smart Makeup

DALiia  The Original Smart Makeup dahlia eyeliner Makeup green EYELINER eye make up DALiia Dalia Monasebian Beauty Ayurvedic Couture Ayurvedic

DALiiA makeup aka Ayurvedic Couture is makeup that doesn’t just perform it reforms.  It goes beyond enhancing your beauty and into serving a beneficial purpose.   Through natural, herbal ingredients, founder, Dalia Monasebian, has developed Ayurvedic Couture. Dalia combines modern science, the latest in cosmetic fashion and the herbal health tradition of Ayurveda to create DALiia herbal makeup.

Classical Ayurvedic remedies create the chic kohl eyeliners that contain authentic and pure ingredients.  Using it daily will refresh your eyes and nurture the skin. Botanical oils like almond and mustard hydrate and nourish thick, lustrous lashes.  The eyeliner is quite elegant looking and it includes a mini pop-up mirror.   Available in shades like Cleopatra Black, Starlight Silver, Persian Gold, Bronze Age Beauty (Cardamom Olive Green), and Coco-Copper Almond (Copper Brown) you can find a shade for any skin tone or eye color.  The highly pigmented formula  is creamy and rich.  It can even double as an eye shadow.  The various shades can create smoky eyes or shimmering hues.  DALiia won’t irritate eyes and the color doesn’t fade. It never needs to be sharpened either.

Ayurvedic Couture products are for the busy, conscientious women who seeks style and won’t compromise on quality. DALiiA is for the woman who demands more than a pretty face from her makeup.

- Victoria Mason

How A Pet Can Make You Happy

If you are in a busy mall, do some people catch your attention without them trying hard to do so? At the office, do you come face to face with individuals who have this wonderful aura that makes you feel envious? How about seeing individuals in the park who have smiles in their face throughout their stay there? Do you want to know the secret behind their glow? It doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling question. Most probably, the cause for their state of bliss is their pet.

Whether you care to admit it or not, having a pet can be a wonderful addition to one’s life. Nowadays, with everyone feeling the pinch of economic crisis, environmental degradation and political turmoil, it is so easy to succumb to depression and hopelessness. Bad news seems to prevail all over the television, the radio, the newspapers and even the internet. However, if you have something worthwhile to occupy your time, like cuddling with your pet, you will have the energy to last you throughout the day. You will also have a very good reason to be excited about right after the office bell rings.

Believe it or not, studies have proven and tested this fact after conducting numerous experiments. There are even a lot of hospitals employing this technique.

The following paragraphs spill the reasons why pets can make a person feel blissful. Read on.

First of all, having a pet makes the owner feel useful and loved. Pets are dependable and trustworthy. They are very affectionate when given treats and other nice stuff. They do not complain much and are content with the rewards you offer. For them, having food, shelter, proper grooming and a visit to the neighborhood veterinarian is already heaven. In this regard, they are a notch higher than their human counterparts because they do not act like they own you. This means that you won’t need to pray that they behave because they already do that without you turning red in anger.

Second, having a pet improves your self-worth. If you are responsible for someone’s needs, such as their food, physical condition and health, you feel more productive. Being productive can lead to a sense of increased self-esteem. This will show in the way you deal with other people such as your boss, your co-workers, your family and even your neighbors. You have a happier approach to life and the glow that will reflect on your face is simply an outward manifestation of how you feel inside. People will undoubtedly notice it.

Third, a pet will gain you new friends. People gravitate towards other people who carry with them their dog, cat, rabbit or pigeon in the park. It will improve your social networking skills. Remember that there are a lot of topics that can be broached when one is in the company of an animal. From their needs to their quirks, you will not be at a loss for something to talk about with a total stranger.

Are you ready to gain the perks of possessing a new pet? Well, wait no more. Head to the nearest animal store and get one now.

Wanting to become a pet owner is wonderful. But there are two things that you need to know about. One is quality pet health insurance because unless you have it your pet is not secure if accidents happen. The next key thing is that using cheap pet meds will damage your pet terminally if you purchase poor quality of medication.

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