Liposuction Results: The Fat Vacuum Cleaner

When they have dieted faithfully and exercised carefully and still have areas of bulging fat that do not respond to honest efforts, some people elect to have the procedure known as liposuction or suction lipoplasty. In this process, a small incision is made in the skin near the troublesome area, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin and the fat cells and fluids are “vacuumed” out. The tissue in the area may be semi-liquefied first by the use of ultrasound techniques.

Liposuction results vary from patient to patient and are dependent upon the health of the patient, the skill of the surgeon, the amount of tissue removed, and the type of anesthetic used.

If the patient is in good health, has not smoked for several months prior to the surgery and is not using liposuction as an alternative to dieting, the satisfaction with liposuction results is likely to be higher. Qualified doctors prefer to do the procedure under “twilight sleep” anesthesia and typically remove less than ten pounds of fat and fluid, but dramatic cases of three hundred to four hundred pounds of weight loss occasionally are presented. This type of liposuction results is NOT typical

Liposuction properly applied will sculpt and smooth the lumpy or sagging parts of the body, typically jowls, abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms into a smoother more flattering shape. This is done by removing small amounts of fat deposit from under the skin. If too much is removed, it can lead to liposuction results with unusual hollows, dents or lumpiness under the skin.

When people have misconceptions about liposuction, it is likely that they will be disappointed in the liposuction results. Liposuction doesn’t prevent deposits of ugly fat either at the original liposuction site or on other areas of the body. Liposuction will not remove cellulite and it doesn’t tighten or tone the skin.

The best liposuction results and those which most closely match the expectations of the patient are gained by choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon, discussing various options and understanding what each method does and does not do. Key elements to aim for during and after the surgical procedure are to remove the correct amount of fat with the least disturbance of the surrounding tissue; to leave the fluid balance of the patient undisturbed; and to cause the least discomfort to the patient. This is very very important.

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches  Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio7 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Wet n Wild has an assortment of brand new eyeshadow palettes out, and they are incredibly pigmented and rich in color. A lot of people shake their heads in bewilderment when I tell them that Wet n Wild eyeshadows are amazing, and very opaque in color. Just like many of those people, I once thought that there was no way a $2.99 palette could hold promise. Low and behold, I have become completely attached to my Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes, and passed the word on plenty of times. I Dream of Greenie is a trio of gorgeous greens, and if you think they look pretty in the packaging, wait until you see them applied. I have many more of these new palettes coming up for you this week, and I will be doing a look with each one of them. To see photographs and swatches of I Dream of Greenie,

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio6 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Wet n Wild has been getting cheeky with their newest product names, as we saw with their newest nail polishes. Inside this trio, you will find 3 green shades that complement one another. A light shimmering green, a shimmering forest green, and a shimmering lime.

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio5 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Wet n Wild marks their eyeshadow for easy application: “Browbone,” “Crease,” and “Eyelid.”

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio3 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Natural Light

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio4 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

With flash

How pretty are these greens? I applied an eyeshadow base all over my hand, and swatched the three shades…

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio2 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Natural light

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

With flash

Holy pigmentation! This is about as good as it gets in terms of rich, opaque color out of an eyeshadow. Each shade felt velvety soft, applied smoothly, and packed down serious color.

Bottom Line: Wet n Wild Beauty is taking over the drugstore with their new products, creating innovative palettes, shades, product names, and effective makeup.

Lookbook: Wet n Wild Beauty, “I Dream of Greenie,” Palette Swatches Trio71 Wet & Wild Feature Columns Eyes Categories Beauty Bargains

Wet n Wild “I Dream of Greenie” Palette retails for $2.99 at Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide. They recently put out an entire new product line, with new nail polishes (named after 90′s TV shows), new lip glosses, new eyeliners, and these new eyeshadow trio’s. Stay tuned for an “I Dream of Greenie” look tomorrow!

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Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White mainimage9 NYX

Eyeshadow bases have become a makeup routine staple in the past few years. Eyeshadow bases, also known as eyeshadow primers, are a “base coat” layer applied to your eyelid, allowing your eyeshadow to appear more vibrant, as well as increase wear time without having unsightly creasing. Unfortunately, with the increase in eyeshadow base interest comes a variety of brands and formulas, which can confuse consumers. Also, the majority of eyeshadow bases are fairly pricey, making the investment of an eyeshadow base fairly lofty, especially if you do not like your purchase. NYX Eyeshadow Base is one of my favorite eyeshadow primers, and it just so happens to be inexpensive and easily accessible. To see more photographs of this product,

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White base2 NYX

NYX Eyeshadow Base in White

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White base NYX

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White 100xvivid NYX

NYX Eyeshadow Base in White makes eyeshadow 100x more vivid

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in White is a milky white cream based primer for your eyeshadow. Simply apply a small amount on your finger, and lightly pat onto your eyelid before applying eyeshadow. This will help your eyeshadow from creasing, falling out, and will help your eyeshadow shade to appear extremely vivid.

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White whitebase NYX

Applied directly to hand from finger

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White blended3 NYX

Blended in with finger

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White lightcomparison NYX

BEFORE, bare hand (left) – AFTER, over NYX Eyeshadow Base (right)

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White darkcomparison NYX

BEFORE, bare hand (left) – AFTER, over NYX Eyeshadow Base (right)

You can see from the before and after photographs above that NYX Eyeshadow Base proves to be effective to both light eyeshadow shades, and dark eyeshadow shades. The pastel green eyeshadow is from the Too Faced Glamour To Go palette, and appears much more vivid, shimmering, and noticeable when layered over top of the NYX Eyeshadow Base. The dark shade used is NYX Eyeshadow in “Golden Amber,” and is dramatically different looking when layered over top of the eyeshadow base. Without the base, the color is fairly streaky, and while still a pretty color, it lacks the vibrancy it should have on your eyelids. Over top of the eyeshadow base, the brown really looks vivid, pigmented, and sparkling.

NYX Eyeshadow Base also can be applied to your lower lash line gently with your finger to keep your eyeliner from bleeding or sweating off your eyes. You can also apply NYX Eyeshadow Base when working with glittery or shimmering eyeshadows, to help prevent fallout and give your eyeshadow something to stick to. NYX Eyeshadow Base in white looks especially fantastic under extremely bright eyeshadow colors, such as neon’s, and vivid colors of the rainbow. The white brings out the pigment in bright shades and really makes them pop.

NYX Eyeshadow Base retails for $6.99 and can be found at your local Ulta locations. You can also browse and purchase this product online by clicking the photograph and link below:

Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White 2216080 NYX Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White  NYX

Eye Shadow Base Lookbook: NYX Eyeshadow Base in White  NYX

NYX Eyeshadow Base comes in three shades: White, Pearl, and Skin Tone.

What is your favorite eyeshadow base of all time?

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Fashion Trend: Animal Prints Hot For Spring

For anyone who loves clothing and accessories that feature animal prints, then you’re in luck. Back again are chic safari styles in tops, sundresses, tight little mini’s, and fabulous accessories. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, and Ashley Olsen have all been spotted in these trendy designs.

And though animal prints never really go out of style, they do get an update every season. Spring 2010 is no exception with feline’s like leopard & zebra still trendy, but taken to a whole new level of tribal chic. A trend that can be seen in every aspect of your wardrobe, such as the office, weekends, a day at the beach, or even just a fun night out with the girls.

Fashion Trend: Animal Prints Hot For Spring LeopardPic Whats Hot in Fashion

Fans of animal prints can also enjoy zebra, giraffe, cheetah, and leopard, in as many combinations as you like. Moschino is on the animal print trend with a darling Love Moschino leopard pencil dress that I fear may be sold out for good:-( The price is amazing too, around $325 which is a steal.

Fashion Trend: Animal Prints Hot For Spring leoparddress Whats Hot in Fashion

BSW Trend Tip: To keep the look fierce, make sure to pair your prints with minimal black, bronze, or pewter accessories.

Fashion Trend: Animal Prints Hot For Spring Beth Signature Whats Hot in Fashion

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Herbalife Review – Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!

Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a global nutrition, weight loss and skin care company. When you think of network marketing, Herbalife is probably one of the companies that comes to mind. Even for people who are not in the industry, you will find that the Herbalife name is well known. I want to talk a little about Herbalife and what made them such a success, which will hopefully give you a little insight so you can make an informed decision. You may be looking at Herbalife as a potential business opportunity or you could be involved already. Either way this article will help shed some light.

Since 1980 Herbalife has built up a huge company! They distribute their products in 73 countries with it’s 2.1 million independent distributors. You would have a hard time finding a place that they don’t have product or a distributor. Chances are you’ve either purchased a product or known a rep from this company.

This is a true success story. Mark Hughes founded Herbalife when he started selling a weight loss drug out of the trunk of his car. Through the power of network marketing the company reached 2 million dollars in sales in only 2 years and expanded to Canada. By 1996 the company was being publicly traded and it was able to reach 1 BILLION dollars in sales. That is CRAZY growth! Unfortunately for owner Mark Hughes this success was short lived. Mr Hughes died at the age of 44 due to an accidental overdose and in 2002 the company was acquired by Whitney and Co LLC.

Being a network marketing or multi-level marketing company means that it’s distributors can not only make money on the sales they do themselves, but they can earn extra money and bonuses off the efforts of their downline. MLM companies have always had their critics and Herbalife is no different. They have had their share of legal issues but have never had to do anything but settle for large sums of money.

A soy based protein shake, the Formula 1, was one of the companies first products and is number 1 to this day. Although this is number one, there are plenty of other products to sell. Some of the include: protein shakes, protein snacks, nutrition, energy and fitness supplements and personal care products. A lot of their products are produced by third party companies, but they do have a manufacturing facility in China and Lake Forest, California.

Herbalife has been around for a long time, they have long history of success, and with 2.1 million distributors around the world you can’t go wrong. Being in 73 countries really allows you to sell this stuff EVERYWHERE. On the same token, with 2.1 million reps, you may have a hard time selling Herbalife product because there are so many reps.

The question I have for you is: How does Herbalife help you build your business? The answer is… It doesn’t. Since you are an independent distributor, it’s up to you. You have to get yourself out there and try and sell the product and attract new reps to your business. Herbalife isn’t going to do it for you! You need to know how to brand yourself as a leader and build a list of prospects using the internet. If you aren’t making thousands of dollars per month with your network marketing company, you need to learn how. Fill out the form below and I’ll show you how to build a list, brand yourself and make money online.

Herbalife Review – Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!

Innovative Adult Summer Treats

You. Yea, You! It’s time to get out of your “the employees know me by name!” Pinkberry funk.  Try these easy homemade summer treats out for a change.

Innovative Adult Summer Treats zoku quick pop FOOD AND TRAVEL

Get wild with some fresh fruit & the ZOKU popsicle maker … which has a turnaround of about 7 minutes from liquid start to frozen finish. That’s less time than it would take for you to go to the store to get a push-pop!  Just keep in the freezer for at least 24 hrs before your first big freeze, and let your about to go moldy fruit basket, imagination & taste buds do their thang.  PERFECT to bring to a summer backyard BBQ to serve to guests, without the risk of melting disasters en route.

ZOKU Quick Pop Maker WIlliams & Sonoma $50

Or take a hint from the Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn, Victoria Belanger .  After hearing this forensic photographer by day, Jello maven by weekend guru on NPR, I was smitten with her desire to mix my kiddie fav Jell-o, and my adult fave, alcohol.  Try out her White Sangria mold to get erryone talking about your next party, for some adult fun, with a kiddie fun design.

Innovative Adult Summer Treats white sangria jello FOOD AND TRAVEL

White Sangria Jell-o Recipe

Via The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn :

1/2 cup water
1 1/2 apple juice, boiling
2 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin
1 1/2 cups cold white wine
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup grapes, sliced in half
1 cup diced apples

In large bowl, sprinkle Knox over 1/2 cup water until gelatin absorbs water. Stir in boiling apple juice for at least 2 minutes until gelatin is dissolved. Stir in wine . Place in the fridge until gelatin thickens (to the consistency of raw eggs). Fold in strawberries, grapes, and apples. Spoon into mold and refrigerate until firm.

Make sure to check out her blog for TONS and TONS of other awesome recipes, designs, and innovative ways to play with your food.

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Big Girl Cosmetics X MACY’s INC

Chicago based beauty brand, Big Girl Cosmetics is the literal personification of beauty, quality and success. Created and operated by former educator, Kiley Russell, Big Girl Makeup Bar and Spa is a pillar in the Chicago Hype Park Community, providing the finest beauty products and services that empower women to take control of their appearance and self-esteem with integrity and class. By bestowing beautiful textures and a diverse palette of hip colors on clients, Big Girl Cosmetics is a beauty authority for smooth powders, dazzling eye shadows and luxurious foundations.

On June 16th, Big Girl Cosmetics will officially be sold by Macy’s INC. The first of a 5-store rollout, Macy’s Southlake Mall in Merrillville, Indiana will host the official launch of Big Girl Cosmetics in stores during a celebratory beauty event. Macy’s will carry the entire BGC collection excluding the skincare line, which will be exclusively sold on Attendees will meet founder and creative director, Kiley Russell and receive hands-on tips and education on Big Girl Cosmetics product use and new beauty trends from celebrity makeup artist. The launch festivities will begin at 2pm until 5pm in the Cosmetics Department on level 1. To add to the glamorous fun, guests will enjoy a vibrant candy bar and photo booth to capture your new Big Girl look.

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