Lookbook: L’oreal Paris HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks


I found L’oreal HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks on clearance in my local drugstore for $2.00 a piece. I often times look for extreme markdowns in the cosmetics section, and since I know how rich and pigmented all the L’oreal HiP products are, I grabbed three of these. Since I don’t see this product on the L’oreal website, I am guessing these are discontinued in the United States, hence the reason they were on clearance. Regardless, I have seen these in several stores around me still, and they are well worth the purchase. To learn more about these extremely pigmented shadow sticks,

L'oreal Paris HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks

L’oreal Paris HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks

L’oreal Paris HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks are multi-use eyeshadow sticks that are literally pure color. They are so intense and rich in color that a little goes a long way. You can apply these shadows wet or dry – simply wet a brush and dip the brush into the stick for a wet look, or apply straight to the brush dry. The wetter your brush, the more intense the pigmentation of the color will be. I saw several shades in the store, but I was drawn to the three above colors for their versatile uses. I chose all metal shades: Exquisite, a gold metallic eyeshadow, Alluring, a mocha metallic eyeshadow, and Dazzling, a silver metallic eyeshadow.

"Alluring," a mocha metallic eyeshadow pigment

“Alluring,” a mocha metallic eyeshadow pigment

"Dazzling," a silver metallic eyeshadow pigment

“Dazzling,” a silver metallic eyeshadow pigment

"Exquisite," a gold metallic eyeshadow pigment

“Exquisite,” a gold metallic eyeshadow pigment

With flash: Exquisite, Dazzling, Alluring (top to bottom)

With flash: Exquisite, Dazzling, Alluring (top to bottom)

These pigment sticks work fantastic as a base, or alone, and will not crease. I wore these shadow sticks with my regular eyeshadow base, and they did not budge until I removed them. The reason for this is because the shadow sticks dry into somewhat of a “powder” feel on your skin, rather than being creamy. The lighter shades would look fantastic in the inner corners of your eyes for a bold look, and would also be a great addition to your lipstick or lip gloss, for a gorgeous metallic sheen.

L’oreal Paris HiP Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks retail for $6.99 each at your local drugstore. I believe L’oreal is getting rid of this product, and is putting them on clearance in many locations. If you spot these shadow sticks, you will want to give them a try, if not for their insane pigmentation and crease-resistant wear.

Medical Spa Info: Used Thermage Tips!

Thermage body tightening treatments produced by Solta are inventing an important kind of anti-aging and body laxity treatments for aesthetic physicians, cosmetic or plastic surgeons and medspas that gives another nonsurgical treatment to just about any cosmetic practice; Radio frequency skin tightening. But, you’ll find possible problems which both Thermage and subjects can confront.

Thermage has also implemented a new business model which unfortunately costs any MD for each Thermage treatment just by ‘expiring’ any Thermage treatment tip after a fixed number of ‘pulses’ and a certain time, despite the fact that a tip continues to be operational. It leaves a aesthetic physician or plastic surgeon in the situation of buying procedure tips that may work, except that they have been artificially turned off.

Along with new teatment tips priced at around $1200 for getting a single treatment and laser centers under growing pressure to maintain sales levels, loads of laser clinics and MDs are looking at vendors to activate these tips for even more use by just changing a counter inside the chip and systematically activating the tip to allow further Thermage procedures.

According to Thermage and Solta tips are deactivated to ensure protection.

Thermage’s standing regarding reactivating previously used Thermage tips:

“The biggest examination we know of concerning Thermage is a four yr study carried out by Weiss,1 and it basically included six hundred subjects. On top of that, the particular claims from the Stevens publication may be very inconsistent with immense volumes of Thermage quality and reliability information we have released on our offerings over the years. We recognize the dielectric membrane layer on the Thermage tip could fail when subjected to a tiny percentage of the continued use this publication alleges is possible. Dielectric breakdown can result in patient harm.

You will discover certain complications which may develop from treating individuals with damaged Thermage tips that can include burns and the break down of underlying body fat which will leave irreversible depressions. Although, with many more medical spas and MDs interested in squeeze out a profit everywhere they can and grey-market vendors capable of sell used treatment tips for hundreds of dollars below any list cost, such patterns may well grow.

For anyone figuring out exactly what cosmetic surgeons and medical doctors operating medspas think about the latest Intense pulsed light (IPL) and dermatology skin technologies offerings out of Sciton, Candela, Alma, Cutera, Cynosure, Lumenis, Solta, Syneron, Palomar and others, or procedures such as Thermage skin tightening, Slimlipo, Dysport, tumescent liposuction and laser treatments, make sure to check out all the cosmetic fractional skin discussions of Medical Spa MD, a online community of health professionals in cosmetic medicine.

SwitchMD.com is a cosmetic Thermage community of Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Physicians with more than 5,000 physician members and hosts the most current physician discussion forums on Fraxel and non-surgical cosmetic medical technologies.

About Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

Recurrent bacterial vaginosis is an infection that takes place in the vagina and consists of various strains of bacteria which result in recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections.

Recurrent bacterial vaginosis is about the most frequent illness connected to women’s genitals. Although it might not be as well-known in comparison to chlamydia and gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis infection continues to be a menace to a woman’s health and wellness that can’t be neglected.

A lot of women wrongly think that yeast infections are the most typical kind of vaginal disease but bacterial vaginosis is the most commonly occurring vaginal infection.

In a lot instances women are oblivious that they are infected until such time as they are diagnosed in the course of a pelvic exam and Pap smear. It is very important not to douche during the couple days prior to a visit to your gynecologist as douching can obscure indicators of infection and may possibly help make bacterial vaginosis more serious.

A balanced vagina ordinarily possesses a large number of microorganisms; a few of the prevalent kinds are Lactobacillus crispatus and Lactobacillus jensenii. Lactobacillus, is a hydrogen peroxide making variety. It appears to help discourage other vaginal microorganisms from multiplying to a level where they produce symptoms. The microorganisms involved in BV are very diversified, but may include Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus, Bacteroides, and Mycoplasma. A change in typical bacterial flora including the reduction of lactobacillus, which might be due to the use of antibiotics or pH imbalance, will allow far more resistant bacteria to attain a foothold and flourish. These make toxic substances which unfortunately have an affect on the body’s natural defenses and make re-colonization of wholesome bacteria way more problematic.

Vaginosis Symptoms

The main characteristic of recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections just like the other various illness of the female organ, is unpleasant discharge in conjunction with an abnormal smell. Vaginal discharge can fluctuate for any individual. Consequently, any discharge that looks unusual for a particular female will have to be examined.

In many cases, women demonstrate little symptoms. It is often accompanied by a bacterial discharge, burning and itching. The discharge may get a lot more obvious following intercourse.

There is positively no usual reason why bacterial vaginosis happens. Just what is accepted is that the ailment is not simply as a consequence of one bacteria. Rather, a cluster of unhealthy bacteria has to blossom with each other for the crisis to establish itself. Without a genuine major cause, and negligible manifestations, a large amount of women can not recognize if they possess bacterial vaginosis or.

A lot of dangers connected to bacterial vaginosis involves a record of various various other STDs, smoking, multiple sex partners, and new sexual partners. Having explained that, we should keep in mind that risk factors are not direct causative factors. The root cause of the issue lies in disbalanced pH inside the vagina, this can cause an inballance in the levels of bacteria inside the reproductive canal.

The fantastic news is that the therapy is relatively easy and even effective the moment appropriate medical diagnosis is made. The solution typically comprises of a number of evenings of an anti-fungal vaginal cream. Oral antibiotic therapy is usually given and can be readily available if you ask for it from your medical physician.

The majority of typical medications such as Antibiotics and Anti-fungals upset the healthy balance of bacteria in your vagina. In your vagina exist both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Antibiotics eliminate bacteria indiscriminately and you require many types of bacteria to have normal healthful harmony.

There are a good deal of issues in which you will have to discover related to recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections. The most crucial matter is that your symptoms might disappear altogether well before you completely finish your medicine it is critical that you finish your prescription medication exactly as instructed by your medical doctor.

By Carol Panyam read more here Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and here Chronic Vaginosis .

Quick Review: Milani TANtastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer


Raise your hand if you are a Milani Cosmetics lover! There have been very few if any products that I dislike from Milani, so as their brand has expanded, so has my collection of their products. TANtastic is a baked marble bronzer made for the face and body, that has multidimensional coverage. What I like the most about this bronzer is that it looks like much more expensive, high-end versions we see in department stores. To read a quick review and see more photographs,

Milani TANtastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer is infused with macadamia and jojoba oils to help keep your skin hydrated and soft, while providing and enhancing a healthy and safe bronze glow. The shade I personally got to try is the lightest shade in 01 – Fantastic in Gold. The shade is definitely too light for my skin tone, as I have medium skin, and the color disappeared into my tan. The product, however, applied beautifully, and still added a gorgeous shimmer to my skin tone.

01 - Fantastic In Gold

01 – Fantastic In Gold



Milani TANtastic comes in three different shades:

  • 01 – Fantastic In Gold: a marbleized gold shimmer
  • 02 – Fantastic In Bronze: a marbleized bronze shimmer
  • 03 – Fantastic Sun Glow: a marbleized mocha shimmer

The shades do correspond with how dark each shade is, however, all three shades can be worn by almost all skin tones. If you are extremely light skinned, you may want to stay away from Fantastic Sun Glow, as it may be too dark for you. Most other skin tones can use all three shades, each for different purposes. On medium and dark skin, Fantastic In Gold looks great as a shimmering highlighter for face and body, especially when dusted on the collarbone, down the center of legs, and on top of your cheekbones. On light skin, the lightest shade will be a great bronzing option for you.

Fantastic In Gold (on medium skin)

Fantastic In Gold (on medium skin)



Fantastic In Gold disappeared into my skin tone, but it still acts as a beautiful highlighter. It gave my tan a great shimmering quality to it, and made my skin look healthy and sexy. I would use this shade on my cheekbones, on my collarbone to highlight my décolletage, down the center of my legs to make them appear more toned while showing off my legs, and on my shoulders to show off my arm definition. I can also see this looking beautiful dusted into your hair for an extra sheen at night. The formula was smooth and felt soft of my skin, and didn’t look unnatural in any way. TANtastic is truly a great, inexpensive baked bronzer for your face and body.

Milani TANtastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer retails for $7.49 at your local drugstore. To find locations near you that carry Milani Cosmetics, use the store locator tool . You can also browse and purchase all three bronzer shades online by clicking this link to Milani Cosmetics Website .

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Lose Weight With Cholacol

Cholacol works as a nutritional supplement by a corporation known as, Standard Process. Cholacol became created back in 1956 and is usually utilized after an individual has received Gallbladder surgical treatment, or has abdomen gas or may be used like a health supplement.

Cholacol supplies bile salts which will assist break down of your fat food digestion nearly quickly. In reality, your Gallbladder stores bile and your bile disposes of consumed medicines and also human hormones from your entire body. Your bile also processes extra fat which gives to you vitamin and mineral A, E, D and also other essential fatty acids which are required for your mind along with correct bodily functions. So since your digestive system track doesn’t obtain the proper amount of bile it causes it to become highly difficult to digest fat which is why you go through obtaining gas or experience bloated or get abdominal cramps.

Soon after getting gallbladder surgical treatment it then gets really sensitive to what we consume and take directly into your body. You will discover meals that may flare up a belly pain or maybe worse you will get some genuinely undesirable gas troubles. I personally experienced my gallbladder taken out, so did my mom but she had been really privileged she genuinely didn’t possess issues. I, on the other hand had significant gas issues that would likely turn out to be too shameful and also you continually have to watch out for the restroom.

A lot of people don’t understand that when you have your gall bladder removed you truly have to start watching your diet plan from now on. There are usually different foods that may result in some things within your body and those are the things you must watch out for and it’s also different for everyone considering that our own bodies chemistry differ from person to person.

I had been then introduced to Cholacol through the corporation I work for where we provide supplementation to those who are searching for them on-line. The thing is, Cholacol can’t be bought in any shop or pharmacy. It is a natural drug that a license health professional must suggest or order for you. That means you have to make a doctor’s appointment just to get the stuff. But rather we work as third party vendors by filing us third party from Standard Process which translates to mean we are capable of giving the herbal medicine to consumers whom would like it.

Cholacol is both a dietary supplement and a source of relief for gallbladder patients whom have had gallbladder surgical treatment. Visit our site by clicking the blue link and purchase it. Cholacol is not sold in stores or pharmacies.

dr Vicky Belo vs BHMG

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Lookbook: L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick, “Orchid”

If you missed my post on Sunday showcasing L’oreal Infallible Lipcolour “The Stars Collection” in Beyonce Red, it is a must-see. The L’oreal Infallible lipsticks and lipcolours are fantastic, and do not budge off your lips until you want them to. I picked up another shade, but in lipstick form, and it also happens to be a new one, called “Orchid.” I was drawn to the color since it is a neutral pink-mauve shade, and will go well with a lot of looks. To see more,

L'oreal Infallible fits into your palm

L’oreal Infallible fits into your palm 

Two Step System

L'oreal Infallible Lipstick in "Orchid"

L’oreal Infallible Lipstick in “Orchid” 

STEP ONE: Apply lipstick to lips. Allow to dry one minute.

STEP TWO: Apply lip conditioner for moisture and shine

L'oreal Infallible Lipstick in "Orchid"

L’oreal Infallible Lipstick in “Orchid”


L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick currently retails for $9.99 at your local drugstore and mass retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Ulta. L’oreal Infallible Lipstick is available in twelve shades.

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