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Chicago based beauty brand, Big Girl Cosmetics is the literal personification of beauty, quality and success. Created and operated by former educator, Kiley Russell, Big Girl Makeup Bar and Spa is a pillar in the Chicago Hype Park Community, providing the finest beauty products and services that empower women to take control of their appearance and self-esteem with integrity and class. By bestowing beautiful textures and a diverse palette of hip colors on clients, Big Girl Cosmetics is a beauty authority for smooth powders, dazzling eye shadows and luxurious foundations.

On June 16th, Big Girl Cosmetics will officially be sold by Macy’s INC. The first of a 5-store rollout, Macy’s Southlake Mall in Merrillville, Indiana will host the official launch of Big Girl Cosmetics in stores during a celebratory beauty event. Macy’s will carry the entire BGC collection excluding the skincare line, which will be exclusively sold on Attendees will meet founder and creative director, Kiley Russell and receive hands-on tips and education on Big Girl Cosmetics product use and new beauty trends from celebrity makeup artist. The launch festivities will begin at 2pm until 5pm in the Cosmetics Department on level 1. To add to the glamorous fun, guests will enjoy a vibrant candy bar and photo booth to capture your new Big Girl look.

Will Inner Thigh Liposuction Give you Shapelier Legs?

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by michael and anna

Will Inner Thigh Liposuction Give you Shapelier Legs?

If you have stubborn fat deposits on the inner thighs, you could opt to undergo inner thigh liposuction. However, you have to determine if you are fit to undergo such a treatment. You should also know the ins and outs of the procedure so that you can make an informed decision regarding the operation.

Cellulite are the kinds of fat that is going to be removed using inner thigh liposuction. These are the fat deposits in the connective tissues of the skin which spill over and make the skin appear like ripples. They look like dimples or even like wrinkles. It cannot be easily removed, even though one goes through exercise as well as diet.

Females are more susceptible to the condition because of their biological skin structure. Also, thin women might have the possibility to develop cellulite deposits that become visible when the skin is pinched.

One can be extremely bothered by cellulite in the inner thigh. These can rub in an irritating way as one goes about his/her daily tasks. This can also ruin the shape and silhouette of one’s thighs. This is visible especially if one is wearing tight shorts. When one has inner thigh cellulite is it more likely that it will develop from the entire thigh down to the inner knees. The most viable solution for most people is to undergo inner thigh liposuction.

In performing inner thigh liposuction, small cuts are made where a cannula is inserted. The cannula is pushed, pulled as well as moved around in order to suction the fat deposits in the inner thigh. It is possible that contour irregularities will result because of the kind and quality of the cannula used. Cannulas with smaller diameters are often used in order to reduce these irregularities. In spite of this, there is still a possibility that irregularities will still happen due to damage in the tissues when a doctor is careless in performing the procedure.

Inner thigh liposuction usually require local anesthesia. It has not been proved if the use of general anesthesia for inner thigh liposuction is good. The procedure however may have the patient lie on his/her back. This may result in improper delivery of oxygen as well as fat suction.

Inner thigh liposuction is not a procedure for everybody. Older people or people with skins that are not elastic may not benefit from the procedure. The lack of skin elasticity will result in a far worse cellulite condition or in wrinkled skin that is even more unsightly to look at. Older patients and people with saggy skin should therefore look for alternatives to inner thigh liposuction.

It is already generally proven that thigh liposuction heals and recovers fast. One can bear this for a couple of days or even weeks worth of pain, bruising, swelling as well fluid drainage from the affected area. A compression garment is recommended in order to lessen the swelling and hasten the recovery process. Around 6 months is needed in order to see the full results of the procedure.

Is inner thigh liposuction the only secret to shapelier legs? Discover more about the pros and cons of liposuction before undergoing the surgery.

Laser Treatment – Laser Treatment To Have Glowing Skin

Laser Treatment – Laser Treatment To Have Glowing Skin

For ladies who want smooth, radiant skin without any downtime, the SpectraPeel laser treatment is for you. This non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment stimulates collagen from within and patients are able to see results immediately with little or no redness of the skin. It is suitable for the reduction of large pores and can also be used to treat acne.

Tricia, a bride-to-be who is getting married in September, is looking to have radiant, dewy skin for her special occasion. Her face is examined by the doctor who notes that apart from some old chicken pox scarring and slight pigmentation, she has pretty good skin. The SpectraPeel will remove excess sebum and clean away the dead skin cells which can make skin look dull.

After making sure that Tricia is comfortable under a warm blanket, a layer of carbon is first applied on her face and left to dry for 20 minutes. This carbon helps to dispense light and enhance the laser treatment. Ear plugs are also given to Tricia and eye shields placed on her eyes before the laser treatment starts.

The doctor performed a total of two rounds of laser on her face – the first one removed the layer of carbon and then the laser beam goes over her entire face again. There is a slight burning smell and a loud “snapping” sound is heard with each laser beam fired. T

The laser feels like little ant bites on Tricia’s face with some sensitive areas, like around the nose, stinging more. The entire laser treatment took about 15 minutes.

Tricia’s face had a very obvious glow immediately after the laser treatment. Her skin looked very radiant and when I touched it, felt smooth. The glow was still apparent even after a layer of sunblock was applied. Throughout our coffee later, I kept getting distracted by her dewy-looking skin. Unfortunately, this effect will not be permanent and the doctor recommended that she return for another SpectraPeel laser treatment before her big day to maintain her glowing skin.

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 1nz9tu

I know it’s summertime and all of these “outfits” (or whatever men would call them) probably sound like hot death. But fall is quickly approaching and cooler temperatures allow for layering and more exciting outfits.

I stumbled upon a great blog – Suitorial – which is written by Paolo & Philou. They are two European guys that seem to find the coolest shops and coolest clothes. I realize that I’m a girl so my favorite pics may not be relevant but I’ll tell you why I like each one and you can decide for yourself!

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit LC5X0082 682x1024

Sweater vests under blazers/suit jackets look really nice. I love the use of different neutrals and the pop of red. Are pocket squares worn by a lot of men? I don’t think I’ve really seen a lot of those happening but I like them, lots.

More handsome menswear inspiration after the jump…

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit LC5X0064 682x1024

This outfit is a little too matchy for me but I like the green pants and the navy blue blazers. Dark/neutral colored blazers seem to calm down louder shirts and pants colors.

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 209jcw3

Favorite outfit. The classy office blue shirt and red pants! Ah, I love that he can pull off red pants. Great brown blazer too.

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 29l09j8

More pocket square use and great shoes

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 2yjziuo

Floral pattern ties are really nice (beware the ones that look like they are from the 80s)

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 2wc1gys

Pocket square with cream pants. This is a seriously classy look..not sure if it can be pulled off by every man.

Suitorial: Inspiration for the Men’s Office Outfit 2e3rgg2

A rainbow of ties! Ties should make your outfit look happy.

All the guys out there, give us your favorite items to wear to work!

–Thanks to Suitorial for all the great stuff

From our friends at Shoplet

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask mainimage18

I am going to be brutally honest with you: I am a sucker for facial masks. I love testing out different masks on my face for various skin concerns, and when I saw this in Sephora’s clearance section on their website, I quickly added it to my shopping cart without thinking twice. I did not have high expectations for this mask, since it was in the clearance section, and I figured it would be something I would test out, and toss out. I made sure to test this hydrogel eye mask on a day when I was clearly in need of some refreshing and pampering, so why not choose Memorial Day? Bad food, a couple of drinks, and little sleep the night before made my skin look dull, and left my under eye area puffy and dark. Not only was I surprised by this mask, but I was blown away. To read a full review,

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask product13

Sephora Power Mask: Hydrogel Eye Mask

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask mask

The Hydrogel Eye Mask

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask product

Sephora Power Mask: Hydrogel Eye Mask

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask claimtofame

Sephora Hydrogel Eye Mask is a unique, one-of-a-kind eye mask that fits exclusively around and over your eye area, hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes. The innovative technology brings you an anti-inflammatory formula for targeted relaxation and toning of your eye area. This mask claims to give dramatic results: rested looking eyes, relaxed eye contour, lighter, more toned eyelids, and a relaxing, cool feeling eye area.

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask review

By now, most reading this know how I feel about my under eye area. I am prone to puffiness and bags underneath my eyes, particularly if I have not been sleeping well, or indulging in bad food or a couple of drinks. Since today was Memorial Day, and I had been enjoying the time with my friends and family, I decided that my eye area needed a huge pick-me-up. I grabbed this mask, and took it out of the package, where I felt it for the first time. The eye mask is fitted to your eye area only (think: Mask of Zorro), and covers your eyelids as you wear it. The mask has a squishy, “gel” feeling to it on one side, almost like you are poking Jello. I applied the squishy, gel side to my eyes, and laid down on the couch for fifteen minutes.

As soon as I applied this mask, it was instantly gratifying. It cooled my eye area, and felt extremely luxurious, rich, and moisturizing. In fact, I felt like I was at a spa receiving a professional treatment. It instantly made my entire face and head feel very relaxed, and at ease. The hydrogel actually creates a light suction to your eye area to remain in place, and you can literally feel the stress, tension, and toxins melting away. I also couldn’t resist from touching the mask with my hands, because, well, it felt squishy and very cool!

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask wearing

Relaxing with my mask on

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask wearing2

Feeling the squishiness!

The next fifteen minutes flew by, and when it was time to take it off and take “After” photographs of my eye area, I was cringing, because I wanted another fifteen minutes with this baby! After removing the mask, my eye area felt tighter, and “lifted,” yet softer and more hydrated than ever. My eye area, especially underneath my eyes, felt cool and refreshed.

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask before1


Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask after21


Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask before21


Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask after1


Do I think the mask made a dramatic difference in the appearance of my eyes? Probably not. But my eye area felt ten times more refreshed, hydrated, and I felt as though my under eye and eye lid area looked less dull and dark. The big seller for me on this mask is the “experience.” Those heavenly fifteen minutes when you get to lay down, close your eyes, and feel like the weight is being lifted off of your face, eye area, and head. I can see this eye mask being especially great for someone who has eye strain, works on a computer often, gets frequent headaches, or doesn’t get a lot of sleep. The feeling this mask gives your entire eye area radiates to your “stress zones,” like your temples and head, and truly melts any stress away.

The pack only comes with one mask, however, instead of throwing my mask out after usage, I simply put it inside of a bag, and put it in my refrigerator to keep it cool for another one to two uses before discarding.

Bottom line: If you frequently deal with a fatigued eye, temple, or head area, this mask will instantly melt away any stress, tension, and dullness you may have. This mask brightened up my eye area, and made it feel more toned and refreshed.

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask wheretofind1

Sephora Power Mask’s retail for $6, and can be purchased at Sephora stores nationwide. Sephora Power Masks come in three types: Hydrogel Face Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask, and a Fusio-Fiber Face Mask. The Sephora Hydrogel Eye Mask can also be purchased online by clicking the photograph and link below:

SEPHORA COLLECTION Power Mask – Hydrogel Eye Mask

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask rating

Review: Sephora Power Mask, Hydrogel Eye Mask 4andahalfstarproduct

What are your favorite face masks?

form , or leave a comment below.

Sisley Cosmetics Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination

This afternoon, Buzzfeed Shift brings news of a pending discrimination lawsuit against French makeup giant Sisley Cosmetics that could turn out to be a very big deal.

In short, an employee returned from maternity leave to face questions about her future reproductive plans from managers who strongly implied that a second child “wouldn’t be good for her job” and all but threatened to make her “redundant” by eliminating her position. She also claims that her higher-ups increased her workload and that a less-than-sympathetic HR rep effectively told her “my hands are tied”. Six months after returning from a second maternity leave, she lost her job.

We don’t have all the details in this case, but the narrative as we know it paints Sisley as a company that views pregnant employees and mothers as liabilities. Perhaps more troubling is the fact that discrimination lawsuits are nothing new for this old-school Parisian brand: In 2011, a black employee who worked for the company’s Saks Fifth Avenue counter filed suit after claiming that her manager repeatedly used racial slurs when addressing her and complained about a lack of “blonde” sales reps. A third employee sued in 2009 after a boss forbid her from sitting down behind the cosmetics counter despite the fact that she’d just gone through a spinal surgery that limited her range of movement. Only the last case has been resolved.

A common thread runs through all three lawsuits: Employees reported their concerns to company officials and HR staffers, who did nothing. We’d say that Sisley’s managers need some sensitivity training, but the fact that the company ignored all three complaints hints at a bigger problem.

GiGi Creme Wax Hair Remover

If you want to remove the hair easily and to look great, then cream hair remover is the best way. Some cream hair removers may change the color of the skin. Hence, it is essential to take care before selecting a hair remover. GiGi Creme wax hair remover is a smooth cream that removes hair gently. It has effective conditioners and so it leaves the skin smooth and silky. It melts at medium temperatures. Using GiGi wax hair remover is the easiest way to remove hair effectively.

The product has innovative formula and so you need to apply only a thinner film of the cream. It has better adhesion to hair sets. It never causes irritation or itching. It is recommended for sensitive skin also.

GiGi hair remover is one among the top hair remover brands available in the market. The cream allows you remove unwanted hair effectively at home. You need not require a professional help now to remove hair. Another advantage of the product is that it does not cause pain while removing the hair. It removes smoothly and leaves the skin silky.

The wax in this creme wax hair remover melts easily at low temperatures. Hence, it is possible to remove hair quickly. It is not essential to have any special skills to use the cream. Anyone can use the product after reading the instructions provided with the kit. It is advisable to use the product with GiGi warmer for better results.

GiGi creme honey wax hair remover has unique formula to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Number of women all over the world trusts it. Since, it removes the hair at the root and beneath the skin surface; it makes the skin hair free and smooth. It delays the growth of hair also.

The product is enriched with essential fatty acids that leave the skin soft and supple. It preserves the moisture of the skin while removing the hair. Hence, it leaves the skin less irritated after waxing.

This creme wax hair remover is specially designed to remove facial hairs. GiGi wax facial is recommended to be used in sensitive areas like upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, and hairline. It is extremely gentle and does not harm such sensitive areas. However, you need to take care of eyes and mouth while applying wax in those areas. If the cream enters eyes, wash it thoroughly and then consult your physician. GiGi Soy creme wax hair remover is the innovative product in beauty industry. It does not cause redness in the skin after waxing. It has special moisturizing feature that hydrates the skin well. The benefit of this hair remover is invariably seen on all skin types and leaves it smooth. It has effective anti oxidants that protects the skin. It does not have any heavy aroma and so it is a pleasure to use the product. It removes unwanted hair gently and promotes the health of the skin. It conditions the skin and makes it silky..


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