Taking Care Of Biracial Hair

The common complain about the biracial hair is it is dry, frizzy or it is difficult to comb. But with proper care and patience you can easily take care of those problems. What you need to do is to use proper tools and know how to use them.

For ethnic curly hair , you better use combs with wide tooth which are specially designed for this type of hair. You will need good shampoo and cream conditioner. You may need hot oil treatment as well as deep conditioning and moisturizing spray.

Unlike regular hair, the biracial hair should be washed only once or twice a week. Many of the biracial hair owners wash their hair frequently but that may lead the hair to be dull and dry. You also need to use specially created shampoo for your biracial hair as well as cream conditioner. The shampoo should be moisturized.

For drying the curly biracial hair , you have to apply gentle massage. Hard rubbing will damage the hair. You should never use any drying machine and if you have to use it, make sure you just use the air, not the heat.

There are some oils that work very well with biracial hair including the Shea Butter oil, the Emu oil, the Jojoba oil and the Castor oil. All of them help to keep the hair moisturized condition. You have to apply one of them two or three times a week and keep that way for some time and then wash them with a good moisturized shampoo.

The Tools I Need To Maintain my Biracial hair

Some people here think that maintenance of body is very easy which is actually not correct. Actually maintenance of body is very difficult and particularly taking care of your hair, especially when your hair is biracial in nature. Actually biracial hair is very tough to maintain this is because this kind of hair is very delicate; they get spoiled by a little bit of carelessness. But, you have no need to worry for that as here are some tools you need to have for maintaining your hair.

• Firstly when we comb our hair, we use a small toothed comb, which is wrong, for this type of hair we need to have big toothed hair.

• We should use the brush with an individual tine like bristles.

• For maintaining the hair you must also have a good quality shampoo and a conditioner.

• For good hair conditioning you must also need a best quality spray and moisturizing cream. This will ensure that your hair does not become too dry.

• The repetition of the moisturizing cream should be done at least once in a month. This is very important as your hair will get enough nutrition.

• If you want to have your biracial hair get some wet you can also use some natural hair oils. But see that the oil you use is of a good quality. You can use hair oil once in a week.

Just by taking some important precautions you can make your biracial hair look really awesome.

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